Sedimentary Basins

This layer is taken from the CGG Robertson New Ventures product suite. It is a carefully and regularly maintained layer from the Robertson Basins & Plays (formerly Tellus) product. The basin classification has been formulated over 20 years based on an understanding of hard rock outcrop, sediment thickness, structural elements, basin evolution and petroleum systems, with basin definitions refined to fit new information and data from both the public domain and from Robertson’s multi-client studies (Red Books).

...okay that excerpt was taken straight from the download page. This is a very useful and freely available dataset by CGG Robertson

Heat Flow

Name Count Median Mean Std Min 25% 50% 75% Max

The table above describes the data currently within ThermoGlobe with no attempt to remove known geothermal or hydrothermally affected areas. For this reason it is likely more accurate to use the median, as opposed to the mean values from this table.